My research and investigations

Learning ML

I start to play with ML, the MetaLanguage for theorem-provers. It is developed by Robin Milner and others in the early 1970s at the University of Edinburgh. It is now standardized as SML, the Standard ML.

A good ML Tutorial is this:
Tips for Computer Scientists on Standard ML (Revised) by Mads Tofte (2009), which describes all of Standard ML in 20 pages.

To try out ML, I install Moscow ML by Sergei Romanenko. The Windows installer is very convenient. It runs in command-line mode, which is interactive enough for trying out ML.

For a few lines, typing is OK. For many more lines, an editor is much preferred. I’m using TextPad, and I’m able to locate an SML syntax file for TextPad.

Poly/ML by David Matthews is also good for learning ML. It is Windows-based, and the documentation includes a short tutorial on programming Windows in Poly/ML. Sounds exciting.

I can run ML scripts with both Moscow ML and Poly/ML. The Poly/ML window even has copy/paste — so I can copy ML snippet from tutorials and paste to the window for execution.

The language ML is rich with features, so it may take some time to know it well.


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