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Running Linux in Windows

With VirtualBox, it’s pretty easy to run another operating system as long as you have a modern PC: plenty of memory, plenty of hard disk space.

However, it is still a great pleasure to see that this really works. VirtualBox uses hardware virtualization, making it a Hypervisor. Hence it is able to simulate the entire operating system, down to the connecting devices.

I’ve installed Virtual Box 4.0, and run a VM based on Ubuntu 10.10. I worked with Unix terminals long time ago, so this “Desktop Linux” is a new experience for me. Such is the advance of technology.

As a Java developer, I like the way that Java is already included in Linux. There is also the GCC compiler, so there’s a lot of programming tools I can work with.

Both VirtualBox and Ubuntu comes with heaps of features. These new toys will keep me busy for weeks!


Comments on: "Running Linux in Windows" (2)

  1. Michael Knoke said:

    Virtualbox is indeed nice, put a database server on it and you can save and revert your database instantly great for testing large dbs.
    It’s USB support needs freeing up however. Still it makes for great virtual servers and virtual networks for testing with. If only it did directx correctly it’s almost tempting to make my families pcs virtual just need nbn to come to ACT….

  2. VirtualBox is available in a number of package formats native to various common Linux distributions (see the section called “Supported host operating systems” for details). In addition, there is an alternative generic installer (.run) which should work on most Linux distributions.

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