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Steve Jobs and Apple

We’ve all shared the news. Steve Jobs had left a legacy that perhaps no one can match. I still remember my Apple ][ — with high-resolution color graphics and 64KB memory, no hard disk, but boot from 5.25″ floppy — very “modern” in 1980!

To appreciate the achievements of Steve Jobs, you have to understand his philosophy. We can get a lot of inspiration from Wikipedia:

I am really inspired to read how Steve talks about himself, in his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, with video (also this Chinese translation: 喬布斯三個故事啟發人心).

Last year, Steve Jobs was named “Person of the Year for 2010” by the Financial Times. The article ends with this story from the Apple CEO when Steve left the company in 1985:

“In his autobiography, John Sculley, the former PepsiCo executive who once ran Apple, said this of the ambitions of the man he had pushed out: “Apple was supposed to become a wonderful consumer products company. This was a lunatic plan. High-tech could not be designed and sold as a consumer product.” How wrong can you be.”

However, this was quoted from John Sculley’s autobiography in 1987. Since then, John understands Steve better, and this interview in 2010 is really informative.

Did you ever wonder why the Apple Logo has a bite? Here is the story.

Oh yes, Steve is a Beatles fan. Here is an interesting episode.


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