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Running Linux in Windows

With VirtualBox, it’s pretty easy to run another operating system as long as you have a modern PC: plenty of memory, plenty of hard disk space.

However, it is still a great pleasure to see that this really works. VirtualBox uses hardware virtualization, making it a Hypervisor. Hence it is able to simulate the entire operating system, down to the connecting devices.

I’ve installed Virtual Box 4.0, and run a VM based on Ubuntu 10.10. I worked with Unix terminals long time ago, so this “Desktop Linux” is a new experience for me. Such is the advance of technology.

As a Java developer, I like the way that Java is already included in Linux. There is also the GCC compiler, so there’s a lot of programming tools I can work with.

Both VirtualBox and Ubuntu comes with heaps of features. These new toys will keep me busy for weeks!